Abstract Education was set up initially to help mature learners achieve their goals and offer support throughout the duration of their courses to ensure that targets are reached. It is not always possible for students to attend a conventional school or college and distance learning offers a way to achieve the same end result but studying from home, online.

After begin established for approximately ten years, we have developed courses for all ages and levels.  This includes courses from reception (age 3+) right up to mature learners.  Learners from all over the world access our courses and we have many different methods of teaching to suit the learner’s needs.

We offer not only academic qualifications such as A ‘Levels, IGCSEs and Functional Skills but also offer courses where students can prove their ability and receive a certificate of achievement on completion.

It may be that you need to achieve proof that your maths is up to level 2 standard but do not necessarily require an accredited qualification. If this is the case, you can join our Maths Level 2 course and receive a certificate of achievement on satisfactory completion of the course. If you require an accredited Maths Level 2 qualification, then we can help you with our Functional Skills Level 2 course.